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Camber Energy (CEI) has been the result of significant moves in the past. The stock ran from $1.10 to $3.09 in January through February. That run was largely due to the social media short squeeze as there was no company specific news out at the time. Right now the stock is up over 350% in the past three weeks. We believe this current move has more substance and is not near the top yet.

What is the news?

Camber Energy has a majority holding of Viking Energy Group. This subsidiary has entered into an exclusive agreement with ESG Clean Energy. The agreement is in relation to “patent rights and know-how related to stationary electric power generation, including methods to utilise heat and capture carbon dioxide.” This can be used for plastic recycling, nitrogen removal and even crypto-currency mining operations (a brilliant sector to be attached to these days). This addition to Camber Energy will be very valuable.

This is great news to be involved with for a trader. Clean energy will become more sought after. The Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund, which presents the energy sector of the S&P 500 index and lists some of the most notable energy companies, rose 44.26% in the past year and 32.8% year to date. 

The always topical short squeeze

Yes that’s right. Not only does CEI have news with value, it also has a 25% short float. We saw recently a company that had the same, namely This had crypto related news and a 60% short interest. The stock ran from $7.50 to nearly $60.

CEI looks very similar and already has the momentum. The average volume of shares traded so far in the past week is over 200 million.

Retail backing is not one to look past. The moves seen in AMC and GME were strongly reliant on this support. Wall Street Bets (Reddit traders) and social media is already gearing up for the move, even if they don’t understand the value of the news and they are just in for a short squeeze.

$5 in sight

The stock, as mentioned before, reached $3.10 in early February. The stock price was also at $4 in January 2020. With the current momentum and backing from retail traders, I believe a $4 will be surpassed and the stock could reach $5.

This is one to keep a close eye on in the upcoming weeks.

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