We believe BriaCell Therapeutics stock (NASDAQ:BCTX) is a great buy at the current price and future potential. BCTX is dedicated to enhancing the lives of women with breast cancer with limited therapy options. Their mission is to develop novel immunotherapies to fight cancer. Immunotherapies have become the forefront of the cancer treatments because they use the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells, offer the potential for higher levels of safety and efficacy than chemotherapy does and may also prevent cancer recurrence.

Appointment of Jane Gross, Ph.D.

Yesterday, BCTX announced the appointment of a new director to its Board. Dr. Jane Gross is a highly experienced biotech executive with over 30 years in leading research and development teams from discovery through preclinical evaluation and clinical development of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The Board of Directors approved a grant of 10,000 options to purchase common shares in the capital of BriaCell to Dr. Gross in her role as a director, pursuant to the company’s stock option plan.

New marketing agreement

In the announcement of their new appointment, BCTX also announced that the had entered into a new 6 month marketing and investor engagement agreement with Toronto based marketing firm North Equities Corp. This company focuses on various social media platforms and will be able to facilitate greater awareness and widespread circulation of the company’s news.

This is good news for investors as it is likely that BriaCell are looking to release more news in the upcoming months. More catalysts will lead to more buyers coming into the stock and will drive the price higher.


Nasdaq shows that BCTX has insider ownership of 25%, with 3,846,229 shares currently being held. BriaCell have a relatively small market cap of $135M. 17.1% of the float is short according to Bloomberg data. The potential for growth in this company is significant. With the latest PR firm agreement, more press releases in the upcoming months means BCTX could really see some progress in the stock price.


The technicals look set for a move in the short term. The weekly trend-line has held well and the price is about to test $9-$9.50. Above this there is little resistance to slow the growth. After a few good news releases, I think we could see $20 early next year.

Chart provided by TradingView
Chart provided by TradingView

Final thoughts

I think BriaCell Therapeutics provides a great opportunity to add to your portfolio. The room for growth it has within the Breast Cancer sector is great. The chart has good bullish momentum and the chart looks set to breakout above. You can read about other therapeutic companies that we think will do well here.

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