Progenity (NASDAQ:PROG) stock has had an incredible performance in recent weeks. The stock has risen from under a dollar to now above $5 in pre market trading. PROG stock has seen huge volume, with seven days since the beginning of last month seeing over 250 million shares trade hands. There has been no news specific to the company. It appears to be a retail fuelled short squeeze. We think PROG has more to offer and the move is not done yet. But what other stocks should you be watching?

Top watches

Skillz Inc (SKLZ) have been at the top of our short list for a while, now at 50% short interest. Skillz is an online mobile multiplayer video game competition platform that is integrated into a number of iOS and Android games. Players use it to compete in competitions against other players across the world

Inspira Technologies Oxy (IINN) is an innovative medical device company specializing in respiratory care solutions. They released their IPO in July. The stock gained over 300% after they announced they had signed a strategic agreement with Waas Group for development of 1,040 ART systems in Spain And Portugal. The stock has slipped from that high of $9.59 and is now at $3.46. This is a recent addition to the list and is now the third most shorted stock at 47.6%.

Fisker Inc (FSR) is an EV stock that has been on a rollercoaster for many months. You can read more about the company here. The short interest fro FSR is 31.9%. Although the stock has gained 65% in the last month, the EV sector has many eyes on it after the US bill to support the sector with the implementation of charging points across the country. If the sector keeps gaining, Fisker should be one for you to watch.

DatChat (DATS) saw huge retail and institutional interest over recent months. The IPO was priced at $4.15. You can read more about the company and the social media features here. The stock surged to $18.50 quickly after the IPO before pulling back. Shortly after it regained over $17 again. The stock now sits at support just above $6.


There are many choices of stocks that have a high short interest and have potential to squeeze. Your best option is to find ones with catalysts that could force shorts to cover, or stocks in a hot sector such as Fisker. Keep an eye on our short data to get the most accurate figures available.

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