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In our weekend digest, we summarize the best pieces published from the working week. These can be read in full by clicking on the link over the name/ticker.

Stocks – Buffett, blockchain and blunts; did we read that right?

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.B) 15/11/21

Berkshire Hathaway won’t provide explosive growth that other firms do or if you were to invest into companies yourself. That’s providing you’d choose the right stocks which is unlikely for new investors. BRK offers a more consistent, low risk, experience driven choice. A great place to diversify your money if you are looking to make a return long term.

Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY) 16/11/21

After falling to 43p in late summer, Lloyds shares recovered into the autumn, only to be slapped down following the Bank of England meeting in early November. However, another recovery has been seen, with shares now back at the anchoring level of 50p. We think momentum is now with the stock to break higher into the end of the year.

Progenity (NASDAQ:PROG) 16/11/21

The stock had a great month last month moving from under $1, now waiting to hold over $5. The stock has a 40% short interest, which you can see from our data section which had its weekly update today. A break above $5.05 could see a significant move up as shorts cover.

Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL), Akerna Corp (NASDAQ:KERN) and Neptune Wellness (NASDAQ:NEPT) 17/11/21

The cannabis sector is a top watch for us in the coming weeks. Earnings have been promising and showing signs of further growth. A seasonal cycle for this sector to perform well seems likely.

Argo Blockchain (LSE:ARB) 18/11/21

It has an industry-leading mining margin of 85%. In the latest Q3 results, it was able to generate net income of £12.9m from revenue of just £19.2m. As an investor, this gives me confidence. Especially when I consider that quarterly results are posting records, the trend is higher.

AmpliTech Group (NASDAQ:AMPG) 18/11/21

The business has a great foundation to build off this growing demand that they cater for. The stock looks to be forming a higher low, a good indication of strength after a downtrend. The stock looks like it will open todays trading at around $4.50. AMPG has an all-time high of around $20. Short term, it may not go back to this level, but I believe $6 could be a target for the next months.

EV Stocks 19/11/21

Momentum is always good to find for swing trades and EVs have that at the moment. The longer term view for electric vehicles is different. Is there an argument to say they are extremely overvalued? Does Rivian’s IPO valuing them larger than Ford and General Motors create a concern for the sector? We’ll leave that debate for another time.

Crypto – when the rally pause becomes a selloff

This week saw a strong sell-off in most coins, with Bitcoin starting the week just shy of $66k but finding itself at $57.8k as we write. Other altcoins saw a similar (if not larger) depreciation.

FX – still supportive of GBP, entering long EUR/CHF

Long EUR/CHF – 17/11/21

The 1.0500-1.0550 region is where the SNB actively intervened back in 2020, and we feel that this is a natural level for a rebound. A clean break below this area would cause us to rethink out trade. From a fundamental view, we think that CHF weakness should resume given the tightening of G10 monetary policy (e.g from the Bank of England next month). It’s use as a funding currency should outweigh that of the EUR in our opinion.

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