Jeff Bezos, Founder and Chairman, has been cashing in part of his Amazon stock fortune, selling $10 billion throughout 2021. Despite this wave of selling, Bezos still holds nearly 10% of the shares outstanding, with a current value of ~$175 billion. The other largest shareholders are Vanguard at 6.5%, BlackRock at 5.5%, and Bezos’ ex-wife, Scott MacKenzie, at 3.9%.

Should you be worried?

Heavy selling by executives is commonly seen as a sign that the stock may have reached its potential. A further argument for this view is that the Amazon stock price has hit record levels this year and the price increase has been at a slower rate than in past years. The stock is currently up a modest ~8% year-to-date. Some could argue that it might be time to take some profit on Amazon trades.

Wall Street support

As shown in our weekly Analyst Recommendations data, there is still a strong view that Amazon stock will continue to outperform. A Bloomberg survey of equity research analysts indicates that 98% of analysts currently have a “BUY” rating on Amazon, whilst only 2% have a “HOLD” rating, and no analysts have a “SELL” rating. Amazon remains the top rated “US Megacap” stock and analysts expect the company to benefit from another strong holiday season in their e-commerce revenue stream.

Tax-related selling

A reason for Bezos’ stock sales could also be tax-related and part of a wider movement recently of executive sales in anticipation of higher tax rates being proposed and implemented in the near future by the Democratic government.  

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