Advanced Human Imaging (NASDAQ:AHI) is the latest low float IPO to see increasing volume and looks set for another move up. The company provides smartphone-based human scanning technology, with a diverse range of data-driven applications across multiple industries.

The price flew up on December 1st, closing the day up 42%. On Monday, the company informed investors it had accelerated the rollout of new technology as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for access to remote care.

Low float, high demand

The stock is a recent IPO and has a very low float. On December 1st, nearly 40 million shares traded hands. 20 million shares have been traded over the past two days. The demand will outweigh the supply for this stock. We think this can make a similar move to CNTX that gained over 100% after we wrote about it.

Highs were made yesterday as the stock reached $7.77. The stock has mainly been trading between $5.50 and $6.30. We are watching for the stock to breakout and hold above this to see the next move up.

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