After a busy year, we review five of our best stock picks and ideas from 2021. From great investment entries and short ideas to brilliant short term swing trades. Click on the company name to read each of the articles in full.

Affirm Holdings (AFRM)

Date of article: August 15th

Rating: BUY

Price at time of publishing: $66

Price reached: $176 (+167%)

We looked at the consolidation that was happening on Affirm Holdings and the likelihood of a strong breakout. We also thought the buy-now-pay-later company was undervalued and should be worth over $100. On August 30th, the stock jumped above $100 and continued its rally for several months to a high of $176.65.

Tesla (TSLA)

Date of article: August 17th

Rating: BUY

Price at time of publishing: $670

Price reached: $1243 (+85%)

We included Tesla in out ‘Top 3 large caps to watch’ list. At the time, Tesla was having its autopilot system investigated after regulators identified 11 crashes at fault. We didn’t think this would hurt the price long term and saw this as a buying opportunity with the price falling over 4% that day. We identified a buy zone of $650-$660 as a good entry. The price dipped to $648.64 that day and closed at $665. From that point, the stock steadily climbed to $900 before shooting past the $1,000 mark after the Hertz order of vehicles become public. The price hit an all-time high of $1243.49 on November 4th.

Cineworld (CINE)

Date of article: August 18th

Rating: SELL

Price at time of publishing: 62p

Price reached: 27p (-56%)

Cineworld had too much debt for our liking. This was due to pandemic struggles and the continued loss of interest in cinemas, even from before the pandemic. 2020 posted a loss of $2.65B. The uncertainty of the pandemic and the strength from streaming services made us think that this had a lot more downside. Although the price seemed to gain hope in September, the price quickly fell.

Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS)

Date of article: October 21st

Rating: BUY

Price at time of publishing: $1.06

Price reached: $1.93 (82%)

As Bitcoin approached highs on October 21st, the stock market had seen tremendous moves in many crypto mining companies. Several companies had gained 30-40% over the previous two weeks. Having said that, we noticed one small cap mining company that hadn’t made its move. In fact, it was down in price over the same weeks. With its low market cap, we decided it would see a strong move over the next few days. And what happened? Over the two trading days after the article, the stock gained 82% when 12 times average volume poured in sending the price high.

Oxford Nanopore (ONT)

Date of article: October 5th

Rating: BUY

Price at time of publishing: 596p

Price reached: 736p (+23%)

Oxford Nanopore was a LSE IPO. Large institutional investors jumped in the stock and this caught our interest. We thought the stock had further legs to move higher in the short-term, as retail investors would jump on a move higher. The interest was high because the company has a wide range of potential revenue streams. These range from healthcare to security, from education to agriculture. We looked into the risks of ONT being able to commercialise all of these uses and the company’s lack of profitability so far. Although we thought the stock was expensive, we didn’t think it was overpriced. The strong momentum continued and the stock continued to a high of 736p.

We’re looking forward for more great picks in 2022

There’s a summary of our top 5 stock picks of 2021. As the new year approaches, we look forward to highlighting more great investment and trading ideas for you.

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