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In our monthly portfolio review, we give a run down of our performance across asset classes, along with any notable changes in positioning.


December P/L = -2.37%


We traded actively on FX during December, averaging almost one trade per day. The holding period for currencies was usually between 1-4 hours. The most frequently traded pairs were GBP/USD (relating to the Bank of England meeting) and USD/ZAR (reacting to general risk sentiment). Overall, the FX book generated a profit of 0.65% for the overall portfolio for the month.


December was a tricky month for global stocks, with uncertainty around Omicron and central bank chatter. We tried to take some active short positions, including BABA and PENN. Unfortunately, our existing tech names including Amazon and Upstart took a hit in the sell-off. SPCE was another name that suffered a difficult month.

We successfully bought the dip in TSLA towards the end of the month, exiting the trade for a 17% profit before month end. December ultimately meant we finished with a small overall loss from this asset class.


The biggest drag on our portfolio for December was crypto. Even though we only had circa 20% of our funds (as of the start of Dec) in crypto, the downward trend continued for much of the month. Even with our diversified holdings over six different coins, it wasn’t enough to prevent a red month for the portfolio overall.

January actions

We’ve added additional funds to the portfolio at the end of the month, that’ll facilitate additional positions in January. We are optimistic about a recovery in growth stocks for January, as risk sentiment improves. The crypto market should benefit in part from this, although by its nature is more unpredictable. On FX, we are happy with a continuation of active intraday trading in this regard.

Later in Q1, we will be making the funds available for outside investment via the CopyTrader function on Etoro, our affiliate partner. Early birds can register here.

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