Phil Rogers

January Pick: Terra (LUNA) 

LUNA is an interesting project from Terra, and holds fundamental value. The coin is used by Terra to support the volume and trading of stable coins. Stable coins are ones that are pegged in value to a fiat currency. A fiat currency is something like the US dollar, or British Pound.

In the past few weeks, upgrades have been initiated. These include Colombus-5, Wormhole v2, and an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

The projects are attracting capital inflows, ie purchase of LUNA. Secondly, some projects involve a burning mechanism. This isn’t new, and various coins use this to help deflate and manage supply. Ultimately, this is reducing supply in the market. The combination of the two points is helping to push the price higher.

In terms of risks, the coin recently broke all time highs by touching $100. It’s retraced back to $85 as we write, but could see even more of a pull back in coming days. Therefore, while it’s my pick for the month, I’d wait for a few days before buying the dip.

Jesse Williamson

January Pick: Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano was a favourite of many during 2021. It ran from about $0.17 to $3.10. In recent months, the coin has fallen out of favour with some. The price has fallen 55% off highs in September.

However, I think January could see a crypto rally and my favourite pick for a great recovery is Cardano. I think ADA has a great risk to reward at this level. Support at $1.20 has held well and I would have a stop below that. What upside do I think it has? A good month could see Cardano retest $2, giving a 45% upside at this price.

Cardano still has a great network which will continue to create extra uses throughout the year. Also, its previous performance history will help it be a popular choice if many alt coins do recover. This is another reason it is my pick for the month.

Robert Henrik

January Pick: Aave (AAVE) 

AAVE is the native token of Aave Protocol, a decentralized lending system. In short, the DeFi crypto helps to facilitate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes assisting in lending and borrowing (including staking) different coins. 

There are currently 17 coins supported, including some popular metaverse coins including MANA. The fact that users don’t need to include a traditional financial institution as part of the transaction is a major plus for AAVE.

AAVE had a successful 2021, as the price spiked from ~$80 to a peak of over $600. It suffered from a downtrend in the second half of the year but the token has managed to break that recently, recovering sharply from a low of nearly $150 and currently trading at $270.

We believe AAVE can gain further momentum in 2022 and return to higher levels, climbing back up the crypto ranks from its current position of 47th in market cap. The DeFi platform is working on further expanding their coverage of supported coins such as SushiSwap, as well as launching a new mobile wallet to increase the accessability of the platform.

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