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In our weekend digest, we summarize the best pieces published from the working week. These can be read in full by clicking on the link over the name/ticker.

Editor’s Picks – January plays and reviewing the portfolio

December Portfolio Review – 02/01/22

the team run through the figures for the previous month, with performance noted from FX, stocks and crypto asset classes.

Top Stocks For January – 04/01/22

Top picks include UK stocks ONT and TCAP, as well as US-based FSR.

Top Cryptos For January – 03/02/22

Top picks include AAVE, LUNA and ADA.

Stocks – FTSE provides gains, NASDAQ has a shocker

Blink Charging (NASDAQ:BLNK) – 04/01/22

BLNK currently offers a very low risk with a great reward, both short term and long term. Short term, EV momentum could help this stock rally away from strong support just below. $35 could be reached over the coming weeks. Longer term, the recent news from Tesla and Ford make this a great investment to profit from the EV boom, which looks likely to continue. Over this year, I think we could see all-time highs from January 2021 tested.

Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) – 05/01/22

SHOP now trades below the 50DMA ($1473.73) and the 200DMA ($1386.09). These are often buy zones for banks and the price was reacting to these as support previously. These have both fallen through and the stock is much more bearish now.

Metaverse stocks (SONY, U) – 05/01/22

Sony happens to be on the main producers of VR headsets. Although this ties in with the PlayStation, it’s clear that the quality of audio and visual will be able to be extended for other projects in the VR space. Another option worth considering is Unity Software (NYSE:U). It’s a game development software, which on the face of it is nothing special. However, what does make it special is that it markets itself as “the preferred platform for creating VR experiences”.

Top Consumer Discretionary Stocks – (06/01/22)

Analyst recommendations provided by banks and brokers are a helpful guide in seeing what Wall Street and Institutional Investors think regarding the current price and future outlook of the stocks that they are analysing.
The analysis generally consists of in-depth fundamental evaluation of the company’s financial results, management team, industry, competitive forces, and technical factors.

Rio Tinto (LSE:RIO) – 07/01/22

Since then, we’ve seen iron ore prices rally. It’s rallied over 20% in the past month, to trade at $120 / T at the moment. Last summer, it was trading comfortably above $200 / T. Therefore, one of the reasons why we think Rio Tinto shares can continue to move higher still is the fact that iron ore has further upside potential.

Fears over a China slowdown have been around for years, and it hasn’t materialized yet. With a global economic recovery from the pandemic likely in 2022 and 2023, China will likely be at the forefront of this move.

Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN) – 07/01/22

DVN has been on our radar for some time thanks to our weekly dividend yield analysis. The stock boasts a very impressive 7.1% dividend yield, ranking 4th highest across US stocks.
Dividend yield is a key ratio, which represents the stock’s latest annual dividend as a percentage of the current stock price. A high dividend yield means that there is a strong income return element regardless of how the company will perform in the short to medium-term.

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  1. […] For those with a long only, long-term outlook, adding dividend stocks is a strategy that we like a lot. A falling share price causes the dividend yield to increase (assuming the dividend per share remains the same). This means that currently, there are some top stocks with yields in excess of inflation. These include Rio Tinto and Devon Energy, that we have written about recently. […]

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