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In our weekend digest, we summarize the best pieces published from the working week. These can be read in full by clicking on the link over the name/ticker.

Editor’s Picks – Healthcare Stocks and Reviewing Performance

March Portfolio Review – 01/04/22

Phil goes back over the performance from a very choppy March in the AP Fund, where FX provided the largest drag.

Top US Healthcare Stocks – 31/03/22

Robert runs over the top rated US healthcare stocks by market cap, according to Wall Street analysts. There are some of the usual large names in there but also some smaller options worth considering.

Stocks – lower vol but the move is higher

TP ICAP & IG Group (LSE:TCAP) (LSE:IGG) – 31/03/22

Dividend stocks are a great source of passive income. Although the capital isn’t protected in the same way as a Cash ISA, the yield is often higher to compensate. So even with the Bank of England hiking rates, a base rate of 0.75% won’t really offset inflation running above 6%. As a result, here are two dividend stocks that we like the look of at the moment.

Crypto – is this a stealth rally?

Bitcoin (BTC) – 28/03/22

The Bitcoin price has just broken back above the $48k level, trading at $48,055 at we write. This is somewhat of a stealth rally, with BTCUSD up an impressive 22% over the past month. Today, it managed to notch another 7%, taking out the 2022 highs.

From our point of view, the first thing needed to show that there is more upside to come is for a hold of this break above $48k. If it falters and moves back lower again then it shows that this resistance is strong and the demand might not be there currently.

Cosmos (ATOM) – 29/03/22

For those not aware, Cosmos (another term for the universe) essentially exists to create a network of existing crypto networks. It helps to foster an ecosystem within which networks can share information, be it regarding blockchain, data, tokens or other things.

The actual cryptocurrency tied to this is Atom, the native token of the Cosmos hub. The important point here to note is that Atom can be staked, and is currently being paid out at a rate of 5% on Coinbase.

FX – high inflation for GBP, JPY underperforms

The FX Review – 27/03/22

Phil runs through the big events from last week which are still being discussed by players this week. Namely, running through the implications of another high inflation reading from the UK, along with hawkish comments from US Fed chair Powell.

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